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Ed Breeding

Las Cruces, NM


Ed Breeding has painted for over 25 years. His paintings have graced the covers of national magazines, including WATERFOWL MAGAZINE, WATERFOWLER'S WORLD, and a centerfold in AMERICAN FIELD MAGAZINE. His four paintings of THE FOUR SEASONS OF THE AMISH of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania were reproduced on Gourmet candy tins by Simon Candy Company, and over 400,000 units sold out across the USA. Travel throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Cuba has greatly enriched and broadened his field of subject matter. Living with the people in many of these countries has given him a deeper insight into their culture, and this aspect often shows up in Ed's paintings, photography and films.

Besides painting landscapes, wildlife, and western art, Ed's commissioned portraits have sold for $6,000. He has produced over 25 Limited Edition art prints, with a number of sellouts. He was in the top ten three years in a row for the TENNESSEE DUCK STAMP Competition. His painting, A GREAT READ (shown on this webpage) was in the April 2012 issue of SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE.

Presently Ed is devoting most of his time to making documentary films. View a trailer of his Mayan film, REIGN OF THE JAGUAR on YouTube. This film was shown on PBS KRWG TV, August 4, 2012. His documentary film, GENIUS SKY, about the images in the clouds of New Mexico was shown in the BLACK HILLS FILM FESTIVAL, SD in May, and in July, 2012 won an award in the LAS VEGAS FILM FESTIVAL. This film was shown recently on KRWG PBS TV.

His documentary film, STRAIGHT LINE CURVE - about seven men of the American Southwest redefining the word gay is now available on DVD. this 32-minute film can be purchased for $15.00 plus s/h $5.00 in the USA by contacting him at : breeding4051@comcast.net. Or, if you have questions about this film, also feel free to contact him. After viewing this film, St. Paul's Foundation For International Reconciliation in San Diego, CA asked him to do a film featuring four high-profile African American clergy in Washington, DC, speaking out in support of LGBT people globally, who are being persecuted and even murdered in some third world countries. This film is called LOVE HEALS HOMOPHOBIA. A premier of the film took place in Washington, DC on October 11th, 2013. The film is now being distributed globally, with special emphasis on Africa and Jamaica.

Some of his other documentary films are: WILDERNESS BACKPACKING IN MONTANA, HEART OF THE ARTS, ENCHANTMENT IN MEXICO, A GATHERING OF GOLD, ECHOES FROM THE ANCESTORS (shown on PBS, Cable TV and accepted into three National film festivals), DESERT WOMAN, WILD-WILD WEST, AMBASSADOR FOR THE AZTEC NATION, UNSHACKLED, and WHILE AMERICANS SLEEP. PRESCRIPTION FOR ADDICTION -You Have A Voice...Use It!- This film is about the damage pharmaceuticals are doing to the people of this country. His film UNSHACKLED will be shown on KRWG PBS on 11-10-14, and UNSHACKLED has won the BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM AWARD at the 2014 YOSEMITE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

Ed Breeding paints, photographs, writes about and films his LIFE - JOURNEY. If interested in purchasing any of his original paintings shown here, or you would like to know more about his films, you may EMAIL HIM AT: breeding4051@comcast.net or call him at: (575) 202-5687


The Small Things by Ed Breeding


Nap Time by Ed Breeding


Spirit Ship by Ed Breeding


Mystical Canyon by Ed Breeding


TARAHUMARA by Ed Breeding


PROTECTOR by Ed Breeding


The Stand Off by Ed Breeding


FULL MOON by Ed Breeding






Foxy Evening by Ed Breeding


Rainy Day In Wyoming by Ed Breeding


Corralito's Ranch by Ed Breeding


Gathering Of Gold by Ed Breeding


BUSTER by Ed Breeding


A Native Son by Ed Breeding


PINE NUT FEAST by Ed Breeding




Freedon Run by Ed Breeding


He's Finally Home by Ed Breeding




DREAM TWO by Ed Breeding


Reach The Clouds by Ed Breeding


Forlorn Yucca by Ed Breeding


Contrasts In Nature by Ed Breeding


White Sand Magic by Ed Breeding


Shades Of Purple by Ed Breeding


Gateway To Enchantment by Ed Breeding


Contemplation by Ed Breeding


Where's My Love? by Ed Breeding


Mt. Shuskan by Ed Breeding


White Sands Desert by Ed Breeding


California Coast by Ed Breeding


A Mother's Love by Ed Breeding


Message from GREAT MYSTERY by Ed Breeding


Piaute by Ed Breeding


Alaska by Ed Breeding


The Color Of Life by Ed Breeding


Spirit Of The Buffalo by Ed Breeding


Captivated Listener by Ed Breeding


In For The Winter by Ed Breeding


Winter's Cheer by Ed Breeding


Beyond Brokeback by Ed Breeding


Life for the People by Ed Breeding


Meager Pickings by Ed Breeding


A Great Read by Ed Breeding


Two colors of love. by Ed Breeding


Soaring Love by Ed Breeding